The Restaurant Group 
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Best Location for your New Restaurant

Making sure the restaurant you are considering purchasing has a good location
Our location evaluation process is more methodical than those used by other Brokers.

The factors we will be weighing include:  customer knowledge, market knowledge, trade area knowledge, and site specific knowledge. 

This “scoring” for the location you are considering is accomplished through “field work” plus the use of proprietary software to analyse the following:

Location Attributes:

1.       Drop-in Features – for customers that make an unplanned visit

a.       Visibility – how well can it be seen from the primary road

b.      Building Image – what type of business would a customer expect to be here

c.       Access – easy to get to from major traffic arteries

d.      Strategic Position – how does it relate to other businesses in immediate area

e.      Parking – is convenient parking available all the time or only during certain hours

2.       Trade Area Features – Rating the potential of surrounding  area

a.       Quality – activity, age, safety

b.      Growth – level of growth in the area

c.       Resident Access – rate quality of the corridor between residential areas the site

d.      Employee Access – quality of the access corridor between offices, factories and       other employment sources that may trade with you

e.      Business Cluster – How likely are your customers to shop at other stores and          other restaurants nearby

Who Are Your Customers

1.       Resident Population – Fit of the neighborhood and special populations with the center’s    concept and current Tenant Mix. (is there synergy?)

2.       Non-Resident Population – Impact of nearby employees as well as:

a.       Retail activity

b.      Restaurant activity

c.       Entertainment activity

d.      Evening activity

3.       Transient Population – Commuters, Travelers, Students


Determine demand for your concept (type of Restaurant) 

a.       Direct competition – from restaurants in immediate area that are of same concept

b.      Indirect competition – From restaurants that have an overlapping concept

c.       Cannibalism – how will this restaurant effect existing locations of same chain

d.      Business Clusters – Other businesses that attract customers to the area

Correlation of Results

Once the scores have been determined for these various attributes, they are weighed and a calculation is performed. The result of this calculation will indicate the viability for your restaurant at this location.